Your guardian against unwanted or forgotten subscription services.

Stop wasting money on unused subscriptions

We make sure you aren't paying for what you don't want, and ensure you don't miss a payment on the services you value. 

Constant monitoring and notifications of your upcoming billing dates whenever and wherever you are.

Your personal line of defense

Flag & Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

We scan for recurring merchants and match against a database of thousands of known subscription merchants.

Comprehensive Cards & Banks

Over 14,000 institutions supported across North America, UK, & Australia - monitoring transactions across all of your accounts.

Which service, which card?

Know which services and utilities need updating if you ever get a new card or account number.

Avoid key service disruptions

Never let a valued service lapse again. We help you keep your accounts and valued services in order.

Don't miss that cab or latte

Recommendations as to how to best protect your valued "e-wallet" services. Never be caught unprepared at the register again.

Your shield against shady business practices

More of today's digital and physical services are subscriptions, but not all merchants are honest or customer-friendly. Get the upper hand to avoid getting charged for unwanted services.

We take your security & privacy seriously.

Subtractor leverages the highest standards in online security with 256-bit SSL encryption, multi-factor authentication, and read-only access to make sure your account information is safe. We do not store your account credentials on our servers.

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