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Welcome to the new and improved Subtractor!

Subtractor was born from our experience in the subscriptions and commerce industries, combined with our observations that the growing "subscription economy" is having on the average household (i.e. all of us).  More and more of our favorite things are leveraging subscription purchases for those products. Requiring you to sign up with a credit or debit account and then billing at regular intervals, regardless of your actual use of the service. We want to leverage our insider knowledge of the industry, and the tactics used by subscription businesses to work for you - to ensure you only pay for what you value.

Scott & Ted
Subtractor Co-Founders

Founded on Two Key Principles

Only pay for the services that you actually use and value

We've all signed up for services that required a credit card to try them out, and then been disappointed in the product once we lived with it for a while.  

Avoid continuously paying for goods and services you forgot you were still paying for or have just been too busy to cancel.

We track and alert you to services that continue to hit your credit or bank accounts so you can take action on them, and SAVE MONEY!

Ensure that you can pay for valued services when your payment is due

Ever found yourself standing in line, or in the back of a cab, trying to pay for service, only to have your card declined? Or have your auto policy lapse because your payment could not be processed?

We help you avoid these embarrasing situations by helping you separate services and payment mechanisms.

Most times these scenarios occur when a bank issues a new credit number to the same cardholder, but can also occur if you simply get a new card and forget to update all the services for which it is used.

Your personal line of defense

Flag & Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions

Subtractor's artificial intelligence software algorithms identify your subscriptions, recurring bills, and ewallet merchants.

Comprehensive Cards & Banks

Over 14,000 institutions supported across North America, UK, & Australia - monitoring transactions across all of your accounts.

Which service, which card?

Know which services and utilities need updating if you ever get a new card or account number.

Avoid key service disruptions

Never let a valued service lapse again. We help you keep your accounts and valued services in order.

Don't miss that cab or latte

Recommendations as to how to best protect your valued "e-wallet" services. Never be caught unprepared at the register again.

Your shield against shady business practices

More of today's digital and physical services are subscriptions, but not all merchants are honest or customer-friendly. Get the upper hand to avoid getting charged for unwanted services.

Three categories of merchants


Digital or physical products which have a "term" (commitment length) and monthly or annual billing frequency. Charges at the same dollar amount at each billing. Renews automatically unless cancelled.

Norton Antivirus

Recurring Bills

Has a contract term and a billing frequency, but amount charged can vary based on things like usage amount, periodic fees, or pay-per-use extra services during that billing period.

Power & Natural Gas
Cell Service
Cable / Internet

 Stored Payments

Services that appear frequently but not at predictable intervals on your statements, typically based on point-in-time usage leveraging a saved credit card or bank to be used for that service.

Apple iTunes
Uber / Lyft
Starbucks App

Did you know

20+ services

The average household has more than 20 subscription products & services.

5+ payment types

Direct debit & credit cards used per household to purchase goods & services.

$476 in savings

Almost $500 per year per household on unused or forgotten subscription services.


Strongest Data Protection Standards

Your bank or credit card account information enables our service to analyze your transactions and identify your subscriptions using our intelligent matching algorithms. We have "view only" access to your transaction data, similar to what you would get on your monthly account statement.

  • We do not store your bank account username or password
  • We do not have the ability to manipulate funds or transactions
  • We do not share your data with any 3rd parties
  • You can delete all of your data at any time

We take your security & privacy seriously

Subtractor does not store your username and password for your bank account.

When you link your account using your bank login, we use Plaid to authenticate your account in order to analyze your transactions for subscription services.

The only information available to us from Plaid is an access token.
This token is exclusively for Subtractor allows us to retrieve your transaction information. 

All information sent between Plaid and Subtractor is encrypted over a bank-level, 256-bit Secure Socket Layer. All information Subtractor receives from Plaid is covered by our Privacy Policy.


Our Team

Leveraging our knowledge of the subscriptions industry and the tactics used by subscription business, we aim to alleviate the growing challenges and increasing manual effort required due to the expanding "subscription economy" that we all face. Subtractor strives to ensure you only pay for what you value and to make sure your valued services remain uninterrupted. This is our 4th professional adventure together with a combined resume spanning subscription-based businesses, banking, payments, ecommerce, and online media.

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Scott Scazafavo

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Leveraging 18 years of experience leading product and program management teams - spanning health care to online media to eCommerce - to create some of the most successful digital products and services in the market.

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Ted Cahall

CEO & Chief Technology Officer

Executive leader in banking, e-commerce, payments, and online media with world class companies including Microsoft, Bank of America, AOL, CNET and Digital River. Product and technology background starting at AT&T Bell Laboratories as well as start-ups at Clear Communications, OpenVision and now Subtractor.

2022 - Subtractor, Inc.